Hydrogen Add-On Kits For Cars – Do Hydrogen Add-On Kits Work?

Hydrogen ad on kits for cars can be found all over the Internet. The basic idea is to take water and convert it into Brown’s gas also known as HHO or Hydroxy gas. Hydroxy gas does exist and has been implemented, in combustion engines, since the 1950’s. Now you can find homemade hydroxy gas cells on thousands of cars throughout the world. From the U.K. To the U.S., you can find cars humming down the highways emitting water vapor and in some cases doubling their MPG. The trucking industry is starting to use these HHO kits too. These simple to make kits are gaining popularity fast.

These kits effectively turn your engine into a water burning hybrid. I bet you wouldn’t have thought you could burn water. You most definitely can burn hydrogen, and thats the highest element count in water. Extracting the hydrogen in a cost effective manor has been the quest. The most cost effective and energy efficient way to do this to date is with the use of an pem electrolyzer. These electrolyzers utilize water a catalyst and electrical current. The catalyst can be as simple as baking soda. The current needed can easily be output by a 12v battery and then the alternator. What it boils down to is how much hydroxy gas your system configuration puts out. The easiest way to control output of a good cell, is to adjust the electricity going into it. Just like gasoline, you want the right mixture of HHO. This can easily be achieved with the addition of a simple to build electric pulse controller. If your concerned about a water cell and freezing weather, fear no longer. You can add 20% denatured alcohol to your cell.

We still haven’t found a 100% fuel from water system, but the goal gets closer everyday. The rising prices of fossil fuels have sparked a new interest for renewable energy sources. Todays hydrogen electrolyzers can work on any combustion engine and, save from 30% to 70% or more on fossil fuel.

The initial cost to buy plans and build your own hydrogen ad on kit are extremely cost effective and come with side benefits. Not only do you increase your MPG you clean out carbon deposits and reduce harmful emissions. The emissions from hydroxy gas combustion returns to water vapor.

Everyone has access to detailed schematics, but the true success is in the support. Support can mean the difference from turning your 30% into a 70% system. The % increase is proportional to the cash you keep in your pocket. Support will save you time and optimize the system for your needs. Not all vehicles are created equal and some have different output needs than others. A little ingenuity goes a long way and will get you down the road further. Learn where to get the best support and the hydrogen ad on kits that pump out the most hydroxy gas.

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