Additional Thermostat Necessities – Sensors, Humidistats, Subbases, And More!

Have you recently purchased a new thermostat and are interested in keeping it in top condition? Perhaps you need that extra boost for your thermostat control, such as added humidity control, but are not interested in purchasing a whole new thermostat. There are several additional pieces that you may need or simply want for your home comfort control that can benefit your thermostat system. Read on to learn more about pieces you can easily find for yours!

Subbases: Thermostat subbases are usually included with your original thermostat, and if you took apart your thermostat, you would see the subbase already there. However, certain models require a subbase, and sometimes older models require that the subbase be purchased separately. With a conductive grid, the subbase connects heating and cooling mechanisms from your home systems to your thermostat face.

Lock Boxes: A thermostat lock box, also referred to as a thermostat guard, or cover, is simply a protective device for keeping your thermostat safe. Usually lock boxes come in mini, small, medium, or large sizes so that fitting to your exact make and model of thermostat is not a problem. There are of course, lock boxes specifically designed for a certain thermostat. Lock boxes can come in colors or solid white, to hide a dull looking thermostat, or in clear to solely serve as thermostat protection without altering the look of your thermostat. Lock boxes can be locked with keys to stop others from changing your temperature settings and raising your electric bills without your knowledge! Some come with tamper-resistant locks, so the key cannot be removed easily.

Temperature Sensors: Sensors are used with a thermostat to accurately tell and relay surrounding temperatures. There are several types to choose from such as bi-metal, electronic thermistors, and electrical thermocouples. With a duct temperature sensor, it is possible to relay outdoor temperatures and various temperatures throughout your home easily and quickly, all from a central location.

Humidity Sensors: A humidistat is a device that allows your thermostat to direct not only temperature, but also humidity levels. Like a temperature sensor, a humidity sensor is simply a recording device to give your thermostat the ability to control these two functions simultaneously for ultimate comfort levels in a home.

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